It’s that time of year when buying gifts can become a stressful ordeal, especially if you suspect you’ve been roped into a scam or worse, just dropped cash on a pair of fake Air Jordan 1s.

Made by collectors for collectors, LEGIT APP was created to answer tricky real or replica queries, and ultimately help the resale community make informed decisions. The online authentication platform allows users to get products checked simply by uploading images on mobile. From handbags and streetwear to sneakers and collectibles, the app offers 24/7 authentication by a team of over 20 experts.

To start a check request, identify your item category, brand, and related product series or model. Next, select a turnaround time that best suits your needs and cop $LEGIT tokens to begin the checking process. Depending on the risk level of your item and service plan, results can be ready in between one to 12 hours.

For new users, guidelines are available to explain what photos are needed before uploading. Every item is manually assessed by at least two experienced authenticators specializing in the specific category, and scanned through the platform’s dedicated database, before the final verdict is shared.

“With replicas being almost indiscernible from real products these days, we’ve experienced first-hand the disappointment of unknowingly buying from dishonest sources. Literally out of sheer frustration, we decided to create a trusted platform that people can turn to before they purchase,” says Walter Goh, founder of LEGIT APP.

“It took a while to put the team together but all our Authenticators have extensive experience working in their respective categories, and we’ve recently raised just over USD 500k in funding from angel investors to officially launch.”

Backed by industry veterans and avid collectors, LEGIT APP is easy to use and offers a hassle-free, reliable authentication experience. As an added perk, the platform also publishes a wide range of articles sharing tips on how to debunk replicas.

To learn more, head over to LEGIT APP’s website to download the mobile app and start checking.

Mac Nuru

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