Brands today are using activations to build popularity and give consumers an experience to make them feel a real personal connection to the company. Brand activation campaigns are a great way to connect with your audience and build loyalty. While implementing a successful campaign might mean a lot of trial and error, it is also highly rewarding from an ROI perspective. Below are three pointers on how to effectively achieve brand engagement both digitally and physically that will increase a brand’s longevity and impact among consumers.

Deliver event through defined brand expressions focused on local audience.  

Create immediate experiences to boost brand loyalty and pave a path to fandom. Remember to amplify existing consumer behaviours and put them into new and surprising content. Understand the mindset of your audience in a bid to localize the activation. Please note it only takes 1 to 2 seconds for a consumer to assume ownership over a product after touching it. This means that marketers need to make experiences for audience tactile and incorporate the richness of textures, smells and sound.

Leverage on digital channels to spark interest

Stay true to the brand’s tonality and visual language across digital channels. Build content along with a holistic story that will lead to the climactic moment of the activation. Add a little bit of fun by making online participation playful and rewarding.

Loop conversation back to online to maximize on activation reach

Ensure that you brand the event with an easy to memorize hashtag. The experiences should be sharable. Use playful interactions to maintain social buzz.