When organizing an event, one is faced with many decisions. Among them, is choosing the perfect venue for the event. A good venue sets the mood and tone before audiences even set in. For event organizers, this exercise can be an exciting challenge and with a lot of considerations to take in. So where do you start?


The key to venue location is limiting the hassle your guests will have to face while traveling to your event. Consider how easily your average event attendee will be able to reach the event location. Nobody wants to spend an hour or more traveling to a venue, and another back. Hotels and event or conference centres are some of the most popular event spaces for corporate events and wedding receptions, but they are not the only options. Don’t forget to consider traffic, transportation, and parking options when selecting a venue. Remote locations such as holiday resorts are great if you have the budget and would like everyone’s attention completely to yourself for a few days, but these kind of events are only practical with large budgets and are generally used to reward loyal customers or excellent sales staff.


Working within a budget is always one of the biggest concerns for event planners or organizers. Cost is clearly a factor when choosing an event venue. Planners with open-ended budget can plan a great event and have an infinite selection of venue choices. However, if you are working under a budget, the best ways to lower the cost of a venue is to select days less sought after than others. Also consider whether the venue falls within your budget parameters for space, technical and catering expenses?

Venue Services and Restrictions

Securing an event venue takes up most of event planning costs. It is important that event organizers lookout for venues that have additional amenities that can plug into reducing the planning cost.  For instance, some venues will offer complete packages such as AV capabilities, tables, chairs, kitchen you can use for your event. Finding a venue that can take care of some of the things you would have to handle otherwise, it might be worth spending on.


Before deciding on the venue, it is important to have in mind the number of guests you expect.  Is it a cocktail reception, a banquet, or a seminar? Different formats will result in larger or smaller capacities for guests, so you should be able to gather an estimated size of your preferred venue. What people miss when thinking about venue size has less to do with capacity and more to do with the physical size of the venue.