Following the launch of Stimorol Retro gum, we have decided to do something cool to take it back.

We linked up with Thabiso Radebe of Black Faff to talk about the business of Sneaker Customization, and how it has become a big deal for the Sneaker Culture.

Thabiso shared his journey on how the Black Faff was established, to working with different brands and mastering the best customizations. In addition, we tasked him to do something crazy on the Nike Air Force 1 with the theme of the Stimorol Retro.

Embracing the Urban life with Street style, we went for this iconic silhouette because it comes way back from the early 80’s and it’s a must-have for any sneaker collector. And that’s the same with Stimorol Retro which goes beyond just a flavour, it’s all about the nostalgia of the ’80s, ’90s and ’00s. And if you weren’t there for all that, don’t worry, you’ll feel like you were.

Below is a closer look at the Stimorol Custom AF1:

Mac Nuru

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