Spotify is raising its price in a variety of regions including the U.S., the U.K. and Europe.

Subscribers in the U.S. won’t be hit as hard as the other regions as the price increase will only be with family plans. Spotify users in the U.K. and Europe, however, have already started getting emails about the new changes, which reportedly affect “Student” and “Duo” plans, beyond just “Family.” “Single Spotify Premium” remains the same — a likely strategy addressing friends who share family plans.

In the U.S., “Family” plans will go change from $15 USD to $16 USD per month. The U.K. will see increases for “Student,” from £5 GBP to £6 GBP ($7 USD to $8 USD); “Duo,” £13 GBP to £14 GBP ($18 USD to $19 USD) per month. Other European regions will see price hikes by at least €1 EUR (approximately $1.2 USD). Similar price hikes will affect certain areas of Asia and South America, though those regions have yet to be disclosed. Subscribers will have one month’s worth of notice before the new charges are incurred.