Pan-African entertainment channel, WatsUp TV and Sony Music West Africa (SMWA), a subsidiary of global music company, Sony Music Entertainment have announced a partnership deal.

The deal between the 24-hour digital entertainment Television channel and SMWA is to promote music talents across the continent.

The announcement comes weeks after a delegation from the West African office visited Ghana for what officials called a “scouting and partnerships exercise.”

With its base of operations in Lagos, Nigeria, SMWA was “set up to represent, connect and promote the culture of authentic African music to global consciousness.”

“A key component of our operations as a music company is storytelling and we are confident in WatsUp TV’s ability to help us achieve this objective by reason of their influential status in pan-African entertainment and the many products and networks they have established to support the function of informing audiences far and wide,” stated Jim Donnett, Head of PR and Admin of Sony Music West Africa.

“it is popular knowledge that West Africa houses some of the biggest and best universal talents. Irrespective of such worthy feat, the greatest challenge still remains having to break in (both locally and otherwise) and also maintain market focus. Sony Music is bringing her experiential knowledge of the music business to bridge the gap in community practice between the grassroots and overseas.

We are implementing systems in coalition with regulatory bodies, DSPs, telcos, people in fintech, the media, to propound solutions that will contribute to changing the behaviour and pattern of response to product creation, marketing and consumption using home-derived formulas.”

Sony Music West Africa boasts a robust roster that spotlights the stellar works of celebrated superstar acts (Davido, Wizkid, Dice Ailes) and basking talents (Kiddominant, T-Classic, Ona Dema) in promotional management and product distribution functions.

ABD Traore, Chief Executive Officer of WatsUp TV in a statement remarked that the partnership will shore up the efforts of the channel in promoting Pan-African music content.