Following a collaboration with fragment design for the Dieter Rams exhibition in Japan, Braun has now turned to British fashion designer Paul Smith for yet another limited edition timekeeping collection, combining Bauhaus design sensibilities with a playful dash of color.

This time around, the collaborative effort includes more than just the BC02 Travel Alarm Clock and BC17 Wall Clock to also include the German company’s BN0032 Classic Watch, all powered by quartz movements. Clean black bodies and dials are paired starkly with precise yet uncluttered markings in a contrasting white shade, while stylish modern typography provides added legibility. A joyful touch then comes in the form of Paul Smith’s iconic multi-colored stripes, adorning the seconds hands of all three pieces.

For those interested, the collaborative collection is now available over on Paul Smith’s website, with prices going for $45 USD for the alarm clock, $80 USD for the wall clock, and $225 USD for the watch.

Mac Nuru

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