Mac Nuru is a Ghanaian musician and record producer, known to experiment with the different globally dominating soundscape. Mac Nuru is growing and his just-released single, “Don’t Stop”, is proof of this. “Don’t Stop” sees a collaboration between Mac Nuru and Ackah Dan, a producer from Antigua & Barbuda on the 18-rated song.

Famous for his innovative production and composition work, Ackah Dan remains a celebrated young creative especially for his cross-cultural projects.

While Mac Nuru and Ackah Dan have roots grounded in the expansive and nuanced Afro musical legacy, they’ve managed to transcend its borders to create a genre-bending between Afrobeat and Caribbean Soca that sees Ackah Dan’s breezy production and Mac Nuru’s sultry vocals complement each other both structurally and melodically.

“Don’t Stop” is not a pure Hip-hop record, but with its fusions and juxtapositions and rarities, it sounds like Mac Nuru’s most personalized work, bold, blithe and bright.

A multi-tasking act, Mac Nuru is also an entrepreneur; he was a publicist before releasing his debut single, “Mali Zani” (2015) which featured Edem. Hit single, “In a Moment” brought him strong notice when he got nominated at AFRIMA (2016) as Most Promising African Act.

Mac Nuru is heavily influenced by African folk music, reflecting in his style and delivery with other genres. His talent can be attributed with many styles and genres, ranging from Highlife, Afrobeat, Pop, among others.

Listen to “Don’t Stop”;