Ghana’s first ever skating space is ready to open in 2021. The international project involves renowned designer and LV’s artistic director, Virgil Abloh.

Sources say, the skate park is expected to commence in Accra in July 2021. This comes after the skate scene in Ghana caught international attention. Virgil Abloh, who also serves as Louis Vuitton’s artistic director, plays an instrumental role in this project. The international collaboration also includes; ”Surf Ghana” and ”Daily Paper Clothing”. The skate park is named “Freedom Skate Park”.

The space will be a state of the art skate park, equipped with wi-fi. ”Surf Ghana” founder, Sandy Alibo coined this idea in 2016. Abloh, by chance, discovered Ghana’s prominent skate crew ”Skate Nation” in 2017. Abloh has decided to contribute to the design of the skate park through his own design studio ”Alaska Alaska”. ”Freedom Skate Park” will be located in the Dzorwulu district and will reportedly also sell skateboards and other skating equipment.

Co-Founder of the ”Daily Paper Clothing”, Jefferson Osei, in a press release stated that:
“With this initiative we hope to evolve the skate culture in Ghana to the next level and give locals a platform to grow their talents within a space that will hopefully become their biggest training ground to date. More than board sports, the park will be a creative hub for young Ghanaians to come together, exchange ideas, inspire each other and build their futures through recreational activities. They now have a place where they can be themselves, freely develop their skills together with likeminded people and reach their true potential. Hence the name Freedom Skate Park.”

Skate apparel brand, Vans has also joined the venture and will reportedly contribute to skateboarding classes. Skate Nation, led by Joshua Odamtten, had about 30 members back in 2017. Dominique, originally from Gabon, was then the only female rep in the skate crew. Admittedly the crew has grown since then.

Mac Nuru

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