Facebook’s New Product Experimentation (NPE) Team has released a new app called Sparked, which facilitates speed-dating via video. The experimental app has no public profiles, no swiping, no endless DMs and is free to use.

Users are required to sign an agreement when connecting to the app using their Facebook profiles. Love-seekers can afterwards provide information about their age, location and dating preferences and are then placed on a waitlist.

The app shows different virtual dating events and allows users to go on a series of four-minute video dates. If both parties enjoy themselves, they will be invited to a 10-minute follow-up date. If there’s a connection, users will be invited to exchange contact information and chat off of the app. Sources say, Sparked remains browser-only for now.

Facebook has expanded its romantic offerings through Facebook Dating, which allows people to create a dating profile using its iOS and Android apps.

Facebook also developed a new chat app called “Hotline”, an app which enthusiasts say seems like a crossover between Clubhouse and Instagram Live.

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