Global audio streaming service Deezer has launched a new tool for musicians called Deezer for Creators for iOS, Android and Web users globally.

The app can also be used by artists’ teams and podcasters, and the company is offering musicians who use the feature a discount on its high-resolution HiFi tier.

Deezer says the tool allows artists to track their analytics and increase their fanbase. Labels and artist managers can only view the metrics using the web browser.

Using the dashboard, users will be able to track their releases’ performance, including checking real-time streams 7 days after a song has been released while the app is still in beta. Artists can share their latest releases with their fans on social media platforms once the new release is live and they can check which playlists have featured their songs.

Deezer for Creators also enables users to track their audiences’ demographics such as streams by gender, percentage of female listeners versus male, among others. New releases will automatically be linked to your artist profile, however, they may only appear for main artists and not the contributors.

To use the app, interested users must have at least one release live on Deezer and be an artist or artist’s manager. Musicians who have claimed artist profiles can log in to the service using the same email that they used to log in to Deezer’s portal.

In terms of podcasts, Deezer for Creators offers an instant overview of podcasts’ performance, including a global overview of podcasts and episode performances with up to 5 years of historical data. The tool also allows users to define their podcast usage patterns and peak listening times. To use the service, users must have at least one podcast published on Deezer. More information on how to submit podcasts can be found here.

Aside from competing for listeners, music streaming services are bolstering their platforms with useful tools and resources for artists. Apple Music recently revamped its Apple Music for Artists interface, with updates on its new spatial audio format, Shazam charts and introduced a 30-second clip-tweeting tool.