Social Audio app Clubhouse has taken a step in allowing creators monetize the conversations. This move was initiated on Monday April 5 for late-night conversations only.

The invite-only social media app announced on their website that ‘Payments’ will soon allow all users to donate to creators directly, while receiving 100% of the earnings.

Clubhouse is sort of a part TEDtalk, part chat room, using only speech. Users join rooms to participate in conversations or join as an audience member.

Keynote speakers, Politicians, Celebrities have recently all moved quickly to clubhouse for various engagements. Hiphop rapper Drake has quickly adopted the platform, using it to speak directly to fans. For its exclusivity, several people have moved conferences, concerts and events to the platform.

Clubhouse’s direct-to-creator payments hints that Clubhouse is adopting a system similar to the live video service Twitch, where streamers earn tips in real time. Whereas Twitch is more or less focused on eSports and gamers, Clubhouse might just. Be its music industry equivalent.

Not the least to mention, Clubhouse could be facing competition from Spotify as it recently acquired the social audio app Locker Room. As this is on going, Facebook is also testing its own version called Hotline.

Mac Nuru

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