Music Africa of Canada in Toronto is inviting African artists to apply for this years edition of the Afrofest festival, to be held virtually on 16 and 17 July.

Applicants should be willing and able to present high-quality recorded performances. 

“We accept all types of art, but pay particular attention to performances rooted in an African tradition or genres that are common to specific regions such as soukous, Afrobeat, makossa, rai and many more,” Music Africa of Canada artistic director Peter Toh said.

“These are simple examples and should not be considered as limiting, we accept all musical forms and focus on quality. We do not accept applications from solo artists.”


  • A sample video of a live performance (YouTube link).
  • A cover letter expressing interest with the artist’s contact information etc. 
  • A biography, which should contain the artist’s current location, country of origin, style of music, number of years of experience and musical influences, among other details.

Interested individuals should send the above requirements to by May 12.

About Music Africa 

Music Africa is a non-profit community-based organisation whose main objective is to promote African music in Toronto through the Afrofest music festival and other occasional events. Established in 1990, the organisation is committed to enhancing appreciation and awareness of African music among Canadians while also striving to establish Toronto as a thriving global centre for African music.