Apple‘s iOS 14.5 is almost here, and it comes with a swathe of new features including emojis, mask-friendly facial recognition and Siri commands.

iPhone users will be getting a whopping 217 new emojis. Besides new skin-tone variations, some notable emojis include faces with spiraling eyes, faces exhaling, a flaming heart and faces in clouds. Apple has also updated its syringe emoji without blood.
Another major iOS update is mask-friendly facial recognition. Yes, this means, iPhone users will finally be able to unlock their phones without removing their masks, so long as their Apple Watch is unlocked — iPhones will be unlocked once haptic feedback is received from the watches.

Other features include new Siri voice commands, with additional mask-friendly unlocking features; App Tracking Transparency, a new privacy measure that lets users choose whether or not to have developers track them; and new formatting on Apple Music, like playlists of “Chart-Toppers” from various cities around the world.

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